A Day of Clays


After a year of deliberation and postponement, today I was finally able to attend a day clay pigeon shooting with the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club in the beautiful grounds of West Kent Shooting School.

Not long established, the Chelsea Bun Club was set up by the gorgeous Victoria Knowles-Lacks in 2012 with the intention of getting more ladies involved in shooting and has gone from strength to strength.

Having heard such positive reviews I believed it would be good but I was slightly dubious. Could it really be that good? Well, it turns out the answer was yes. It really, really could.

Feeling slightly nervous upon arrival I was welcomed by smiling faces, friendly chatter and tea in abundance. Soon after we were quickly assigned to our groups of beginners, intermediate and advanced guns before the shooting commenced.

The instructors were top notch, no faffing, straight to the point and probably beat any clay lesson I’ve ever had.


With clays flying from all angles beginners got to get a real feel of the sport whilst the experienced guns were able to challenge themselves.

Blessed with gorgeous sunshine, the grounds echoed with supportive cheers, claps, hoots and pure delight. People that had never touched a gun in their lives were obliterating clays all over the place. There was no feeling of superiority or arrogance, just pure sisterhood.

Once shooting was over it was time for the second best part of the day-CAKE.


There was Victoria sponges, red velvet, chocolate, walnut, muffins; the list is mouth wateringly endless. Using beautifully delicate fine china it was the perfect ladies tea party.. with a slight gunpowdery twist.


After much cake was devoured we had the extreme privilege of meeting world record breaker and gold medallist Abbey Burton. There she told us of her shooting experience, threw in a little motivational talk, and presented the winners with their rosettes. We even got to hold her prize gun.


In just four short (but wonderful) hours my shooting technique and confidence was boosted, my stomach was satisfied and I found myself a wonderful new group of friends.

So if you’ve never touched a gun in your life or if you were born and bred on a grouse moor in Yorkshire I urge you, maybe even plead you to sign up for a day with the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club for the good of not just your soul, but womankind.


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